About Us

We have all had to book a trip in an emergency, change a flight or hotel booking and we have all had to encounter higher rates and pay exorbitant fees for last minute travel. This often leads to cost cutting and compromise during a trip. It may be in the form of long delays at the airport or inferior hotel accommodation. We often end up spending long hours reading reviews online prior to our booking and we are sometimes left wondering whether we made the right choice. These factors frequently end up killing the pleasure of a trip or leave us so tired that we just want to get over with it sometimes. A lot of people may have faced the above mentioned issues, but you need not worry any further as we have a one stop solution to all your problems

Saara Holidays is a new limited company in the travel sector that organizes tours and travel itineraries for individuals and businesses all over the world. It's a growing and professionally run company, offering Travel and Destination Management related services. Travel plans can be for pleasure or business purposes. Alternatively, business trips can be combined with ecological trips, sporting activities, outdoor and cultural activities, thus making a trip more enjoyable. The core mission of Saara Holidays is to focus on the client and make the trip hassle free. The vision of the agency is to ensure complete client satisfaction by personalizing and tailoring the trip to suit the needs of the client. In this regard, we will cooperate and work together with other agencies that share the same philosophy as Saara Holidays.

The benefits that Saara Holidays offer its clients include easy, flexible planning of trips with customized arrangements for every need. By this, clients can benefit directly by saving time and money. You do not have to spend hours reading reviews online or searching for the lowest prices. We will get it done for you and we assure you that we will be involved in every step of planning of the itinerary.

So what makes Saara Holidays, the agency for your travel needs? The most important thing that we offer is comfort. We take special care of our clients, providing all kinds of assistance a modern traveler looks for. Offer clients with carefully prepared comprehensive end-to-end management program focused on their unique objectives. Whether our clients are looking for effective cost management strategies, travel policy implementation and management or superior customer service delivery, we have a solution at Saara Holidays. We will take care of everything you need. The other thing is that each and every client will be in direct contact with the head of the agency either by phone or email to plan the itinerary. Although Saara Holidays is a relatively small organization, it is structured top down and vertically integrated. This structure ensures that the agency will remain organized and sustainable for a longer period of time with an efficient work ethic. This also ensures that all decisions are taken by the head of the agency rather than individual employees. All our employees are certified and have a vast experience in travels and tourism. Clients will be offered only reliable hotel accommodations, airlines and local tour operators. This will enable clients to enjoy their trip in every possible way. Our objective is to be responsive and receptive to every need of our clients. We don’t plan to have a marketing blitz or advertise ourselves online. Rather, we hope to be sustainable by focusing on each client and client referrals. Lastly, if you do have a better price somewhere else, do not just rush into the deal. We request you to just get back to us and we will see if we can do get you a better deal. After all our motto at Saara Holidays is “An Essence of Travel”